Phil Ivey's Borgata Babes Argument Proven Valid?

5 years ago
Phil Ivey's Borgata Babes Argument Proven Valid?
21 Sep

In recent legal documents filed by Phil Ivey in his edge sorting case initiated by the Borgata Hotel Casino, the 10-time WSOP gold bracelet winner claimed that the casino employs "pretty cocktail waitresses" in an attempt to distract and gain an edge over gamblers.

Ivey went on to say that those attractive waitresses, known as the Borgata Babes, are "all flirty" and that he "got quite a few [cell phone] numbers" while playing baccarat. His argument revolves around the premise that while the casino is aiming for an advantage by providing free alcohol served by the “scantilly-clad cocktail waitresses,” he is simply countering that maneuver by attempting to gain an advantage through edge sorting.

According to a recent appeals court decision in an unrelated case involving the Borgata Babes, it appears that Ivey's argument has a considerable amount of validity. It was recently revealed that the Borgata Babes must meet and maintain certain weight requirements in order to present an attractive and sexy appearance.

Apparently, a couple of those Borgata Babes failed to meet the prescribed weight standards and were fired as a result. They and almost two dozen other Borgata Babes filed a suit against the casino, claiming discrimination due to the weight requirements.

A New Jersey appeals court sided with the casino, stating that the Borgata has the right to apply standards related to physical appearance because male servers are subject to requirements as well. Plus, the Borgata Babes agree to the weight standards upon hiring, signing documents promising to do so.

The NJ appeals court recognized the Borgata Babes as "a specialized group of costumed beverage servers," according to And Ivey sees the slim and sexy ladies as a distraction aimed at gaining an advantage over he and other gamblers, prompting him to use a certain advantage at his disposable - edge sorting.

Ivey and his edge sorting pro companion, Cheng Yin Sun, were able to win millions despite the distraction caused by the free alcohol served by the sexy Borgata Babes. Perhaps the reason behind that is that Sun is also a member of the fairer sex, likely not as affected by the flirty behavior of the Borgata Babes as was Ivey. In any event, the ruling appears to back up Ivey's claim to some degree.

Ah, what a life Ivey has. Getting drunk and flirting with sexy cocktail waitresses while winning $9.6 million. And in addition to going home with millions, he has the phone numbers of the Borgata Babes, who would likely get all of his attention and focus outside of the casino.

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