888Poker BLAST $300k & $50k Jackpots Hit!

3 years ago
888 done it again!
21 Nov

(Photo: 888Poker.com)

888poker's hugely popular jackpot-style BLAST Poker game has paid out massively over the weekend. Two whopping prize pools of $300,000 and $50,000 were hit at $30 buy-in and $5 buy-in tables by eight very lucky 888poker players.

BLAST tables are four-handed turbo Sit & Go's and the prize pool isn't shown until the game start. Can you imagine the excitement on the players' faces when they saw $300K light up? The prize pool varies between two times and 10,000 times the buy-in and, in this instance, the maximum amount was dialed up on both tables.

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A $300K Prize Pool is Hit

In the 300K game, the top payout of $180,000 went to Swedish player, bucopepic, taking down runner-up sreutov from Russia, who didn't do too shabbily either with a $60,000 payday. Third and fourth place finishers took home $30K each.

The final hand saw bucopepic all-in pre-flop with 6c5c. The flop came down 8-5-7, turn 2, river 4, and it was all over.

(Photo: 888Poker.com)

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Another Big Pay Out!

In the second big win of the weekend, player Mn79Ben, an 888poker member for two years hailing from Malaysia, hit it big in a BLAST SnG with a $50K prize pool.

The last hand featured an all-in with Mn79Ben holding two black Queens up against Ah6c. The Queens held, and Mn79Ben walked away with the top prize of $30,000.

Second-place finisher, mario868116 from Russia bagged $10,000 and 4th and 5th place each received $5,000.

All-in-all it's been a fantastic weekend for 888poker players. Make sure you don't miss the chance of bagging yourself a big payday at our BLAST poker tables!

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