888poker Release New Mobile App

1 year ago
888poker Release New Mobile App
11 Nov

888poker has released their long-awaited new mobile poker app. Three months after the initial soft release all of the niggles have been dealt with and the client is ready for action.

Keeping Up with the Times

Any major online poker platform that wants to compete in 2020 must produce a product that caters for mobile gaming down to a tee.

In a world where everybody seems to be doing everything while they’re on the move, online businesses have to make this as easy as possible. Some players want to be able to grind one-handed on their phones.

The new industry standard is now to offer portrait mode, which does indeed make one-handed play possible on a smartphone.

Starting this week more than $1 million in prizes will be handed out in a raft of promotions to celebrate the app launch. To stake your claim for a share of the spoils you can now dive straight in and start four-tabling. Multi-tabling wasn’t supported previously, so no doubt this was a feature that the punters have been asking for for a while.

All About the Atmosphere

We all know what the average internet user can be like. Many online gaming platforms struggle to keep a civil atmosphere with many people feeling they can do away with any kind of politeness.

888poker has taken control of this situation and removed the chat box completely. Seems like a pretty obvious step to take really. We wonder how many other platforms will recognise this.

There is a replacement though. The new emoji-based chat system is designed to keep the atmosphere between players from getting out of hand. The Throwables feature that 888poker originally introduced a decade ago has also been upgraded. Players can now virtually throw objects such as an egg, tomato, and even a snowball at each other.

It’s always good to see the major platforms investing so much into the future of the game. While many of us are old school players who just want a clean, reliable, interface, we still do understand that mobile gaming is the future of gaming.

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