Henrik Tollefsen Takes Out APT Asian Series Cebu Main Event

5 years ago
19 Aug

2015 is looking to be a year defined by historic moments in poker throughout Asia.

Earlier this month, Australian player Aaron Lim made history when he became the first ever player to win two Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Main Events after he reigned victorious in the APPT Manila Main Event.

Now Norwegian poker shark Henrik Tollefsen has also made history in the region by becoming the first ever player to win two Asia Poker Tour (APT) Main Events.

It came after Tollefsen won the APT Asian Series Cebu Main Event on Tuesday evening in the coastal Philippines city.

Tollefsen also took out the APT Macau Main Event back in July 2013, taking out roughly US$126,540 in the process for his stellar effort.

He was in a strong position – second on the chip ladder – when he entered the final table and had held the chip lead on Day 3.

It was a strong event for the Norwegian, and his play only got stronger as the final table progressed.

South Korean SJ Kim was the chip leader when the final table got underway, but he had a bad run on the final day of play that ultimately led to him finishing in seventh place.

Ian Brion was one of two Filipinos left in the event, but he was knocked out in eighth spot after he came out second best in a showdown against Japanese player Iori Yogo.

That left Edwin Marzan to fly the flag for the home country, and he did well considering he was one of the short stacks at the start of the day.

Marzan ended up finishing fifth in the Main Event after he was eliminated by Tollefsen. The Filipino had the stronger starting hand in Ace Ten off suit (Tollefsen had Five Six of Diamonds), but Tollefsen hit his straight on the river to win the hand.

The Norwegian then claimed his second straight final table scalp when he eliminated John Graham in fourth place, and his third straight when he knocked Yogo out in third.

Yogo went all-in after the turn with a pair of Nines and an inside straight draw and was called by Tollefsen, who had Two Pair.

The Japanese player was unable to hit a straight on the river and he was eliminated from the event in third place.

Yogo’s elimination left Tollefsen and Roger Spets in heads-up play, with Tollefsen holding a roughly 2.5 to 1 chip lead when play began.

Spets did what he could to claim the chip lead and the title, but it was just Tollefsen’s night as he went on to claim victory.

In the final hand of the event, Spets and Tollefsen went in a showdown that saw Tollefsen with King Ten off suit and Spets with Queen Ten of Hearts.

Neither player hit on the board, which meant Tollefsen’s King Ten won the hand and, as a result, the APT Asian Series Cebu along with the PHP1.72 million (around US$37,100) cash prize.

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