A Definitive Guide to Football Betting

6 months ago
A Definitive Guide to Football Betting
12 Nov

Football has a massive audience, and fans of millions of people spread across all the continents. It is, in fact, perhaps the most popular sport on the planet. Almost all of the continents have dedicated professional football leagues. It is a sport that attracts the masses by the exciting gameplay and the glorious uncertainties that accompany the game. 

Each football game's usual period is ninety minutes, which facilitates punters who can set in-play odds and offer betting tips and special promotions during the match, especially the fixtures that have an exceptionally high-profile. It is a game that is particularly suited to betting, and this guide should help newbies navigate football betting. Let's start by bringing clarity to football betting odds:

What Football Betting Odds Mean

First, you should be able to read and understand the odds. Have no fear if the numbers make no sense to you as SBOBET experts will guide you through this. You will find these odds listed in one of the three following formats:


The fractional representation of odds is the most popular format to list football betting odds, especially if you are from the UK or the Commonwealth. If an odd is listed as 6/1 for a match between Team A and B, then betting ten pounds on Team B will return sixty pounds plus the ten pounds you placed as a bet, i.e., seventy pounds if Team B wins.


Odds are represented in their decimal format throughout Europe, and understanding and reading the same is no big deal either. Suppose the odds are 7.0 against Team B in a match between Team A and B. In the game, if Team B wins, you get paid 7x of the money you put on the stake as a wager.


This format is the one followed in North American. It is indeed more challenging to read and understand than the other two forms. In this format, betting odds featuring positive numbers like +200. Then, divide the number by 100 and multiply the same by the sum of money you are wagering and finally add the actual money you wagered. The final figure you get is the payout. For negative values like -200, you need to divide the odds figure by 100 and then again divide it by your stake. As a final step, add the amount you wagered as a bet to arrive at your payout.

Outright Match Odds In Football Betting

The type of bet that enjoys the most sweeping popularity in football betting is the outright match odds. In this type of bet, punters are free to choose from either Team X or Y as the winner or place a wager on the match ending in a draw. So, there are three outcomes you can place your bet on- victory for either Team X or Y or a tie.

There are many betting opportunities open for a set of matches. Betters can combine single bets to form multiple wagers; a practice referred to as accumulators. In this type of bet, you stake your money on the winners you predict for a set of matches. If you win the bet, the payout will be significantly more than single bets on individual football matches.

Total Goals Football Betting

In this type of football betting, you don't predict the winner; instead, you bet on the match's total number of goals. This football betting type gives better control as they can even stake on a lesser than or greater than a number of goals. The betting line set for this is typically 2 or 3 goals. However, some online betting sites give you the freedom to punters to determine their totals.

Football Season Wagers

These bets are placed at the very start of a football season. For trophies following the league format, punters can predict the eventual winner and place their bets accordingly. Like single match bets, you can combine season wagers from different leagues. This will win you a considerable, more significant sum of money than what you would have done if you wagered on the individual leagues' winners. While the payouts for such bets are indeed handsome, winning the bet is challenging and a different game of chance altogether.

The Both Teams To Score Wager

Another type of football betting that is gaining in popularity is both teams to score type. This type of bet is also one of the simpler ones contributing to their wide popularity among football punters spread worldwide. In the recent past, bookmakers are also allowing to place no as an option. In other words, you win your bet if none of the teams score a goal or if only one team does so.

Football is a game that generates tremendous enthusiasm and excitement amongst fans. It is only natural that some of the passion for the game is directed towards betting. With this article's information, you are all set to place your bets and cheer your way to a decent amount of money. Luck and cheers to you!

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