AAAArthur Turns 25 Cent Satellite Win into $1,192,802 After Winning the Sunday Million

1 year ago
AAAArthur Turns 25 Cent Satellite Win into $1,192,802 After Winning the Sunday Million
29 Mar

“AAAArthur” has turned a 25 cent satellite victory into more than a million dollars after winning the Sunday Million. The Brazilian amateur’s story has sent the poker community in Brazil absolutely wild. 

One in a Million

During these times of cancelled sports events and no live poker, this is a story that is going to be doing the rounds for a long time.

Let’s start the story right at the beginning. This was no ordinary Sunday Million. It was the 14th anniversary of the first ever running. With an unbelievable 93,016 entrants and $18,603,200 prize pool this was always going to be something special.

It turned out to be the third largest tournament in online poker’s history. The only bigger prize pools we’ve ever seen were in the 2018 and 2019 running of the partypoker MILLIONS which both broke the $21 million mark.

As you might expect, for such an event there were a huge number of people on the rail. Many of them were amazed that what appeared to be a total amateur was fighting his way to the top of an event such as this.

We mean no slight on the man, but everyone noticed how his style was that of one commonly seen 15 years ago. 4bb open raises, random overbets, and limps too.


“AAAArthur” didn’t just make his amazing run through a single satellite and onto the big one, he went through three of them - $0.25 to $4 to $11 - before he got his ticket.

His story also came out on a Brazilian poker forum. He is unemployed and lives with his wife, who recently lost her job due to the coronavirus pandemic, and their two children. Things were looking like they were about to get real tough.

Not now, though, and it’s unlikely anybody in the poker community during the current year will begrudge him his timely windfall.

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