ACR Launches New Revolutionary Cyclones Satellites

1 year ago
ACR Launches New Revolutionary Cyclones Satellites
06 Feb

Americas CardRoom have launched their new and exciting satellite format Cyclones. The revolutionary way to satellite into high profile events has the potential to change the niche across all major sites.

Satellite Poker Will Never Be the Same Again

When ACR announced they were to offer a ground-breaking satellite format, their customers haven’t been able to wait to see what was in store.

The fast-paced action that was promised has delivered in every way. Simply roll your sleeves up and grind your stack up to 5,000 chips to move up to the next level.

The Nuts and Bolts of Cyclones Satellites

Here’s how it all works.

  • You can buy in at any of the seven levels for between $0.25 and $630 to receive about 10 big blinds
  • This is where Cyclones differ from traditional satellites. Just ramp up your chip stack to 5,000 chips and you will receive a ticket to buy into the next level up.
  • Another great difference with the Cyclones satellite is that it is played in the “fast fold” format. This has the benefit of being able to stop and start your sessions. No more being tied to the screen until a result is final.
  • Players also have the chance to use any excess chips over the 5,000 required to move up to remain in the player pool at that level. You will have your ticket to play in the level above, but can also take a shot at ramping up another stack without having to pay the relevant buy in. Multiple tickets for a single buy in!
  • The prize for accumulating 5,000 chips at level seven is a ticket to the $6million GTD, $2,650 buy-in Venom tournament. If you win one of these tickets you can expect to be competing with some true elite MTT players.

The Seven Level Format

StepBuy In + FeeTotalStarting ChipsTarget StackPrize
1 $0.23 + $0.02 0.25 697 5000 1.5 + .15 Ticket
2 $1.5 + $0.15 1.65 1137 5000 6 + .6 Ticket
3 $6 + $0.6 6.6 1119 5000 15 + 1.50 Ticket
4 $15 + $1.5 16.5 1364 5000 50 + 5 Ticket
5 $50 + $5 55 1163 5000 200 + 15 Ticket
6 $200 + $15 215 1588 5000 600 + 30 Ticket
7 $600 + $30 630 1133 5000 Venom Ticket

Flexibility - Play What You Want When You Want

While the ultimate goal for the seven level Cyclones format is to win a $2,650 ticket for a Venom event, you don’t have to go all the way to extract value.

You can use any of your tickets to a higher level to enter MTTs on ACR. There is no requirement to keep on spinning it up.

Also, players shouldn’t forget about the “FOR THE WIN” button. You do need a full 5,000 chips for a ticket to move up, but you can click the button to release your equity and only pay the difference. Your chip stack has cash value no matter what size it is.

ACR CEO Phil Nagy has been tweeting screenshots that show just how successful Cyclones has been since the launch. Literally hundreds of players getting in on the action, many of them with a dream to win $1 million in the Venom tournament for only an investment of $0.25

For all details on this exciting new way to play satellite poker check out this link here.

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