ACR Poker CEO Phil Nagy on the Wrong Side of a $1.86 Million Pot in Triton $1,000,000 Cash Game

3 weeks ago
ACR Poker CEO Phil Nagy on the Wrong Side of a $1.86 Million Pot in Triton $1,000,000 Cash Game
10 Sep

ACR Poker CEO Phil Nagy has found himself on the wrong side of a monster $1.86 million pot in the Triton $1,000,000 Cash Game. The American was playing in a lineup full of big names that we’ve become accustomed to seeing in the Super High Roller series, each of them absolutely fearless in pots that would make our eyes water.

Tough Spot, Couldn’t Find the Fold

The hand started with Nagy opening for $6,000 UTG with red queens and finding himself with three callers right off the bat. Then Santhosh Suvarna three-bets huge to $36,000 with his pocket kings in the small blind.

Nagy’s situation is already precarious, but then it gets worse. Rob Yong in the big blind is also holding pocket queens and he four-bets to $86,000 in what is now a six-way pot.

Now, the common wisdom is that big pocket pairs ideally want to play in a heads-up pot, or three-way at the most, especially when deep, but the action in front is so strong with a three-bet over four players and then a cold four-bet before the action returns to the original raiser. Nasty spot, for sure.

Nagy decides that it is more important to thin the field and he goes for the five-bet, raising it up to $250,000/

The three callers fold and now Santhosh Suvarna starts to think. Surely he would be happy to get his kings in, even this deep. But no, with a cold four-bet in front of him and then Nagy showing he’s not afraid, Suvarna plays it coy and calls. Rob Yong also calls.

The pot is now $772,000 and the flop comes down 4h 7c 5h. Both Suvarna and Yong check to Nagy and he leads out for $300,000.

On such a safe flop, Suvarna now decides to go with his hand and jams in the rest of his chips. Yong sees that the chance of both his opponents having jacks or tens at this point is slim to none, and so he folds.

Nagy, though, is struggling with the price he is getting; it’s just too good for him to find the fold, even though he can clearly see that jacks or tens is a stretch here.

So, he makes the call and is soon given the bad news. Suvarna turns over his kings and Yong announces that he folded queens, leaving Nagy with zero outs. A freak run out splitting the pot is his only hope.

An eight actually does come on the turn on the first run, making a straight possible, but the dealer quickly reveals the river and there is no help. The second run also brings no help.

A nasty loss in a massive pot for Phil Nagy which the commentators tell us is one of the biggest live pots ever seen streamed online.

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