ACR Poker Upgrades Security and T&C

2 weeks ago
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16 Sep

ACR has upgraded its security and terms and conditions following the banning of accounts who were responsible for stealing $184k through unethical play. Moving forward, players will no longer be allowed to play on virtual machines, only directly on their own computers, and other practices have also been banned.

Tools, such as screen-sharing app Teamviewer are now banned in order to make it tougher for players to bypass the new security measures.

Eight accounts were found to be guilty of collusion and a further 25 were also closed on suspicion of “engaging in suspicious activities”.

“As a result, we’ve closed eight accounts involved in collusion and banned an additional 25 related accounts suspected of engaging in suspicious activities.

“As you should expect, we’ve taken steps to correct any harm caused by these offenders. We’ve reallocated funds and adjusted tournament results to ensure fairness among impacted players.

“In total we credited $184,000 to 402 players.“

Increased Security

In a statement, ACR said that players who are caught violating this rule will receive a warning for the first offence and then face having their account closed with all the funds confiscated. It also reiterated that the “no virtual machine ban means ACR Poker software must be accessed and run directly from a native hard drive”

It’s plain to see that ACR is working tirelessly to plug any holes in its security protocols.

“4.3.1 Virtual Machines

The use of virtual machines is strictly forbidden. Virtual machines refer to any tool or software that enables the creation, emulation, or operation of an operating system environment within another operating system. ACR Poker Rooms must be accessed and run from a native hard drive.“

ACR Poker’s T&C update included clarification on an issue that hasn’t been in the spotlight for some time. Grimming is the practice of sitting to play the small blind and then sitting out to avoid paying the big blind.

Multi-accounting is also being clamped down on. While not a massive problem in today’s games, it has recently hit the headlines when Ethan “Rampage” Yau was caught making a second account, claiming that he felt his original one was “doomswitched”.

ACR Poker ambassador Chris Moneymaker gave his own statement on why this game of cat and mouse is unending.

“I’m sad that we have to engage in this high-tech game of Whack-a-Mole, but it’s important for us to try to stay ahead of the bad guys.

“I’ve been playing online poker for more than 20 years now, and just as the cheaters get more sophisticated, so have the poker rooms. ACR invests heavily in technology and people to deliver as fair a game as any of the major sites.”

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