ACR Run Double Super Series Festival for Micro Stakes and Freeroll Players

1 week ago
ACR Run Double Super Series Festival for Micro Stakes and Freeroll Players
03 Jun

ACR is breaking the mold once again with another fantastic tournament series. This time it’s all about those players who don’t have the bankroll or experience to be playing bigger events.

America’s number one online platform always does its best to include as wide a range of players as possible, but there are limits to how much this is possible. Now they’re making sure that the guys who only come for a bit of fun get the chance to win big for a change.

Micro Stakes June - $350,000 GTD

The Nano Online Super Series (NOSS) and FreeBuy Super Series (FBSS) are scheduled alongside each other during the whole month of June, with a whopping 300 events on the calendar.

The NOSS has a $250,000 guarantee with the freeroll FBSS still packing a $100,000 punch. That’s a cool $350,000 up for grabs for players who have the opportunity to win life-changing money.

There really is no excuse not to sign up and stake your claim for a share of the spoils—especially when 100 of the planned events have free entry! Everything kicked off a few days ago and will run non-stop for five weeks through July 3.

Freebuy Super Series (FBSS) - $100k GTD

What could be better than the chance to scoop a huge payday for zero investment? The FBSS has 100 tournaments, with the crowning glory of a main event that has a $25,000 guarantee.

There will be a wider than normal spread of game types to give fun players the chance to experience as many different variants as possible. NL hold’em, PLO, various stud types, and even PLO8. These games are then split between regular tournaments and PKO with normal speed structures up to hyper-turbos.

Players who win one of these events will have the opportunity to play in a special event on the final day for $5,000 along with the winners of the NOSS events.

Nano Online Super Series NOSS - $250k GTD

The more serious arm of the festival will have at least a quarter of a million dollars waiting to change somebody’s life.

These prize pools promise to deliver a substantial bankroll to players who are only able to play in the smallest tournaments available.

The buy-ins range from only 25 cents up to $5.50—barely more than a freebie. Players should be queuing up to take full advantage of the value on offer.

A multi-flight main event is the highlight of the series, with separate opening days running daily until June 27, with Day 2 starting on June 28. It’s just $0.99 to stake your claim for the lion’s share of the $100k guarantee.

There’s so much going on over the next four weeks on ACR. Any poker player with even a small interest in tournaments should stop by and see what all the fuss is about. Check out the schedule here and get registering.

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