Allen 'Chainsaw' Kessler Quitting Poker to Play Slots Full Time?

4 years ago
Allen 'Chainsaw' Kessler Quitting Poker to Play Slots Full Time?
26 Mar

Alan 'Chainsaw' Kessler is usually none too pleased when he busts out of a poker tournament before finishing in the money.

But that wasn't the case when Kessler was KO'd from a WSOP Circuit event in Atlantic City the other day. He promptly tweeted about it and tried to bum a ride to Philadelphia from one of his 26,000 followers.

With time on his hands after his elimination from the poker tournament - and perhaps while waiting for his ride to show up - Chainsaw sauntered over to the slot machines. A bad day at the poker tables suddenly turned into a good one at the casino when he hit a jackpot for $1,930.

Kessler has finished in the money in 10 poker tournaments so far in 2018. His biggest score among those was 28th place in a WSOPC $1,675 Main Event at the Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma for $9,143.

Upon further examination, those 10 cashes equal about $30,000. Subtract almost $10K of that for the buy-ins for the events and Allen has made a little more than $2,000 per cash in 2018.

That $2K average profit per cash is barely higher than Kessler's latest slot win. Considering the number of hours played in poker tournaments, might it not be more profitable for Allen to abandon poker and hit those slots full-time?

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