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Sean Perry
09 Jan

Sean Perry's Elimination from Circa Sports Survivor Contest

Sean Perry's journey in the $9.3 million Circa Sports Survivor contest came to an abrupt halt following the Denver Broncos' defeat to the New England Patriots in a nail-biting 26-23 game. This elimination occurred with only ten participants left vying for the coveted prize.

The Contest Dynamics

Out of the ten remaining entries during Week 16, six placed their faith in the Broncos, while the other four dispersed their selections among the Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Rams, and Green Bay Packers. Unexpectedly, all three latter teams emerged victorious, narrowing the contenders down to just four entries competing for the substantial $9.3 million reward or the possibility of an equitable division.

The Essence of the Circa Survivor Contest

The Circa Sports Survivor contest, a highly anticipated annual event, managed to attract a whopping 9,267 entries at $1,000 per entry, amassing a colossal winner-takes-all purse of $9,267,000. Participants engage by selecting a winning team weekly, with the caveat of choosing each team only once per entry. Eliminations occur upon selecting a losing team, culminating in the contest's culmination when a lone entry remains standing.

Sean Perry's Stand Against Splitting the Prize

Perry's decision to decline a proposed prize pool split stemmed from his belief in possessing an edge over others. In an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, he articulated his stance: "Why would I chop when I have an edge? If you do $400K each, any money I take out of the prize pool is money I'm, in theory, losing because I have an edge."
The poker maven expressed unwavering confidence in his abilities, proclaiming, "This is what I do. I'm a big-time crusher. I've been the biggest winner in sports for the longest time."

Implications and Potential Outcomes

Unfortunately, with no consolation prizes in place, Perry's deep run in the contest translates into no winnings. The remaining entries hold an approximate value of $2.3 million each if all four players opt for an equal split. The contest has three weeks remaining, including a distinct Week 16b on Christmas Day.


Q1: What is the Circa Sports Survivor contest?

A1: The Circa Sports Survivor contest involves participants selecting a winning NFL team weekly, with eliminations upon choosing a losing team, leading to a winner-takes-all outcome.

Q2: Why did Sean Perry refuse to split the prize pool?

A2: Perry believed in his competitive edge and declined the split, asserting that extracting money from the pool would equate to a loss due to his perceived advantage.
Q3: What were the implications of Perry's elimination?

A3: Perry's elimination meant he received no winnings, with the remaining entries holding a potential value of $2.3 million each if a fair split is agreed upon.

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