Another Person Listed in Nevada Black Book

3 years ago
Another Person Listed in Nevada Black Book
31 Jan

Getting your name into the infamous Nevada ‘Black Book’ is not an easy task. You have to get caught cheating in quite a few casinos before you are added to the exclusive list of people who are no longer welcome to gamble anywhere in the state.

The fact that only 33 people are on this list further proves that the Nevada Gaming Commission is not light on pulling that trigger, but one Taisa Musa succeeded in being the lucky number 33. After a careful review, the Commission came to a unanimous conclusion that Musa meets multiple conditions for the inclusion and his name was subsequently penciled in.

Getting on the list is not easy, but getting off it is even harder, as names are only removed after a listed person dies. This is done as a courtesy to the deceased, but even then it can take quite some time before the bureaucracy catches up.

Getting on the list

According to Las Vegas Sun, there are several areas that the Gaming Commission looks into when deciding if someone should be blacklisted. These include previous convictions for the violations of the gaming laws, a notorious reputation, willful evasion of fees or taxes as well as a written order from the government.

Once a name is added to the Black Book, it is usually there to stay. Although there is an appeal process, it is purely a formality as one really has to earn their place in the Book and at that point it is highly unlikely that they have enough ground to stand on to warrant a removal. During the process, the burden of the proof is on the petitioner if the Commission even decides that there is enough of a reason to conduct a hearing.

Interesting fact: of thirty three people currently in the book, only one is female.

Does the Black Book violate the Constitution?

Oscar Goodman, former Las Vegas Mayor and famous criminal attorney believes that the Black Book is essentially unconstitutional. If a person is blacklisted, they cannot enter any part of any casino complex, even if it is totally unrelated to gambling. They cannot have dinner or go see a boxing match. Goodman believes that the Constitution of the United States cannot allow for this.

While Goodman may have some legal standing for these stipulations, the Black Book has been around for a while and it is unlikely to go anywhere. Reserved for the most notorious offenders, it serves as the line in the sand for the casinos.

Once you get in there, there is no going back. It’s game over!

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