Are Live Dealer Roulette Online Casinos Rigged?

1 month ago
Are Live Dealer Roulette Online Casinos Rigged?
11 Dec

There are two different ways that you can play casino table games such as Roulette online. The first is via a software driven gaming platform, and the other way is by making use of one of the next generations of live gaming platforms that have recently become available to players.

One of the problems with software driven casino platforms, is that players often felt, much more so after a losing session, that they may have been playing a rigged game.

The thing to remember about such a gaming platform is that a random number generator is used to determine the outcome of each, and every single spin of the Roulette wheel and then computer-generated graphics play out that spin on a player’s computer screen.

If players play at licensed and regulated casino sites then they are guaranteed of a fair and random game, however even though that is the case, a losing streak will often leave many players still convinced that they have not received a fair and honest outcome.

It was thanks to the live gaming platforms that players could experience the most lifelike Roulette playing gaming experience, for those sites work and operate in a completely different way to the software driven sites.

In fact, the number of players that now much prefer playing live Roulette games is much higher than those who much prefer playing via a software driven casino platform, and I will outline why that is the case below. 

How Live Roulette Games Operate

According to which shows list of live roulette casinos with real live dealers for players from USA that the way in which a live gaming platform is different from a software driven platform is huge, for when playing at a live casino site, when you select a Roulette table at which to play you will be linked up to that table via a live video stream.

You then get to see in real time the Roulette table along with the Croupier and will see the wheel being launched and the ball then spinning around the wheel until it finally comes to a stop and falls into one of the numbered ball wells.

You place your bets and wagers via your computer onto those real live gaming tables over the internet, and therefore for all intents and purposes you are playing Roulette in a land-based casino but from home.

Another major benefit of choosing to play live Roulette games is that you can fully interact with the Croupiers along with your fellow players, for there will also be aa chat room alongside the live video stream so you can chat to other players or chat to the Croupier if you so desire.

That social element of playing live Roulette really does appeal to a low of players, and as such you are always able to always see the wheel and ball in play, you are therefore guaranteed of a fair and random outcome whenever you choose to play, which is something you may not be convinced of when playing via a software driven online casino gaming platform. 

Best Types of Roulette Games to Play Online 

One thing that you are very quickly going to notice if you do decide to play Roulette online, is that there are a huge number of different variants on offer, but each of them will have their own game play rules which in turn makes some games not as appealing as other, much more so to savvy players.

Take for example the age-old game of American Roulette. That game does of course have two zeroes on the wheel, a single zero and a double zero, however that additional double zero means the house edge of that variant is high, working out at some 5.26%.

When playing online you will come across a variant known as European Roulette, and when you set about playing that single zero variant the house edge you will be up against is much lower, that being just 2.70%.

However, there is a third variant that some online casino sites now have on offer, and that is the French Roulette game, which is a single zero variant but one that can come with one of two different additional game play rules that reduces the house edge down to just 1.26%.

That additional playing rules will see you either getting and of your even money paying losing bets returned to you whenever a zero is spun in, or those losing bets remain in play for the next spin of the wheel if zero has been spun in.

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