Best Casinos in Las Vegas 2021

4 weeks ago
Best Casinos in Las Vegas 2021
17 Mar

The news is in that Las Vegas is expected to be opening up for international business later this year. We already know that the guys from the World Series of Poker are promising us a live festival and if the current situation around the world continues to improve at this rate then the gaming tables from the top to the bottom of The Strip will be back in action.

In anticipation of this grand reopening for tourism we have put together our pick of the best casinos from Las Vegas. Obviously opinions will vary but we think our choices will give the vast majority of tourists a great time away.

For those that are intending to play this year a little more cautiously there is still the online option if you still fancy getting some action in. There is a wide range of choices for almost every geographical location, and plenty are accessible in the USA.


The Bellagio Fountains are legendary, and one of the best sights in the entire city. A massive 116,000 sq.ft gaming floor that houses 2,300 slot machines, has everything a gambler could possibly want.

For poker players there is a lot to look forward to. Forty tables with a wide range of stakes promises there will almost always be a game a regular tourist can jump into at a moment’s notice.


Recently sold by Las Vegas Sands Corp., the Venetian Casino is famous for its high roller tables. This property also houses a huge gaming floor that is designed with an Italian theme unlike any other casino in Las Vegas.

For tourists who want to pamper themselves a little bit there is a world-class spa that is even bigger than the casino itself.

To get an idea of how luxurious this resort is, bear in mind that it was the most expensive in the world at the time of construction - $1.5 billion.


One of the most distinctive resorts on the Strip, the Luxor Casino and Resort is made up of a 30-storey pyramid in true Egyptian style. A 120,000 sq.ft gaming area has more than 2,000 slot machines that are rumoured to pay out more than $16,000,000 every year.

The hotel has more than 4,000 rooms which means a lot of people to entertain, so you can be sure that there will always be something to do, no matter what the time of day.


The MGM Resort is famous for its boxing matches. Every fighter in the modern era dreams of headlining a bill here.

An incredible 140 table games run 24/7, including blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, etc. Poker is also spread with massage and other exclusive services available whenever a guest desires.

The MGM sports betting area is one of the best in the state. Countless 60-inch widescreen TVs adorn the walls showing every event currently in-play.


The Wynn Resort and Casino is famous for housing the largest gaming floor in Nevada state. 189,000 sq.ft of table games and slot machines is enough for even the most degenerate of gamblers. Recently the slot machine count was at 2,850, which is also a state record.

Tourists on holiday from a colder country will be delighted to see the special poolside gaming area. There’s nothing like a bit of sun, free booze, and a full range of table games.

For those who like to feel a bit more exclusive, a service is available to bring the dealer and game to the player’s room.

With eight signature restaurants, Wynn Resort and Casino is guaranteed to make the customer feel special.

Fingers crossed everyone for a gambling bonanza later on this year in Las Vegas!

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