Best Luxury Casinos to Visit in London

2 weeks ago
Best Luxury Casinos to Visit in London
28 Mar

As life slowly gets back to normal in the UK, over the next few months keen gamblers are going to be planning their next casino jaunt. And where better than the nation’s capital city: London.

The city has an extensive selection of casinos to visit, from the more standard affair to the outright luxurious. While some offer a walk-in service others have membership requirements that will make your eyes water. Some readers might prefer to stick to online casino gambling as found on LV BET.

Here are a few of the luxury options available for gamblers travelling to London over the coming months. You might not get into all of them, but if you want that exclusive service and have the cash to back you up then go for it.

The More Exclusive

Crockfords is a name that many poker players will have heard before. Not because they play poker there, but because this is one of the casinos where Phil Ivey won millions using his edge sorting technique. Located in Mayfair the club is surrounded by luxury hotels, but don’t get your hopes up yet because to get a membership you need a referral from an active member.

The Ritz Club is another casino with a luxurious setting. A life membership costs £1,000 and will be reviewed by the committee. If burning a grand doesn’t faze you then this is a good option to try. Although the blackjack tables have a minimum bet of £25 which might put a few readers off.

Les Ambassadeurs Club—better known as Les A—is as exclusive as it gets. Servicing the most distinguished in society for 200 years in an elegant setting will probably make you think this isn’t for you—and, to be fair, you’re probably right. No slot machines for the riff raff in here! This is for the elite, and at £25,000 per year for a premium membership they probably don’t get too many new members each year.

Crown Aspinalls is another luxury outfit located in Mayfair. This club is actually one of the most famous in the world, offering top class dining alongside a full range of gaming options.If privacy is what you’re looking for they provide gaming tables in private salons to keep prying eyes away. They actually do poker tournaments here too, if you fancy joining one of their regular events in a stylish setting.

Finally, the Palm Beach Casino is yet another Mayfair club that is known for its active poker room. Okay, the cash games start at £1,000NL so you’d better have some bankroll, but for those who fancy some action against someone who’s just won big on the blackjack tables this is a great choice. Although the club is very stylish, it is open to non-members and doesn’t try to put out an exclusive image. Just turn up with your bankroll, well-dressed, and have a great time.

There are plenty of great options in London to avoid the more busy casinos. Not everyone enjoys the constant racket of slot machines whirling 24/7, so, if that sounds like you, do some of your own research and check out the suggestions above.

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