Best Strategies to Improve Slot Machine Winnings in 2021

2 months ago
Best Strategies to Improve Slot Machine Winnings in 2021
09 Jul

Just how do slot machine aficionados maximise their winnings? It’s a question that not enough slots players ask themselves. If they did, they would get a lot more back from what they put into the games; many more hours of entertainment.

Basic Strategy

A lot has been written along the vein of How to win at slots: Tips to improve your chances of winning. Much of it, though, is out of date. The proliferation of online casinos have changed the landscape a ton. That’s not to say that the old advice isn’t any good, it’s just that we need to consider what’s changed. Here’s a few pointers to help you get the most out of your time on the slots.

Stake enough on progressive slots: One of the first points to be aware of when playing a slot machine is what are the requirements to be eligible for the jackpot. It sounds ridiculous but many players have sat there for hours pouring their hard earned into the game without even realising that a minimum stake is required to set off the main jackpot.

Try your luck on a machine at the end of a row: It stands to reason that a machine that has paid out recently is a worse bet than one that hasn’t. For that reason it makes sense to get on the machine that sits on the end of a row. Anyone who has ever been to Las Vegas will know that these machines are the ones that get the least action and probably haven’t paid out in ages.

Attempt to learn what the return to player percentage is: There is some variation in the amount of money that is returned to the players over the long run, so aim for the games which are most in your favour. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mechanical machine where the odds are a factor of how many symbols there are, or an online slot where the random number generator takes care of every spin.

Avoid “priming the pump” - bet a consistent stake : It’s a common strategy for casual players to start small and build up their stake when they feel the machine is getting close to paying out big. This is nothing more than a myth because you are just as likely to hit the jackpot at the start of a session as you are at the end. If anything, if you stake small and hit a smaller jackpot you’re going to be more than a little annoyed.

Bonuses and promotions : Always keep an eye out for any promos that are running for the slots on online casinos. These run frequently and will change your strategy considerably. At the very least you will get many more hours fun out of your bankroll while you’re racking up bonus cash.

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