BetGamesTV Expands in Central and Latin America

9 months ago
BetGamesTV Expands in Central and Latin America
12 Oct

BetGamesTV is the gaming company to keep an eye on this coming year. The leading live dealer games supplier is constantly innovating with creative new products and is now expanding throughout Latin America.

Market Leading

In August a deal was inked with Peruvian site DoradoBet who also supply markets in central America. 

Doradobet also runs a white label platform called VirtualSoft aimed at third-party operators. The product enables DoradoBet’s full product suite to be seamlessly integrated into their own software, allowing customers access to their amazing games.

Companies such as DoradoBet are being sought out by thousands everyday at sites such as

Eddie Morales, LatAm Sales Director at BetGames.TV, was beaming over the partnership. He said:

“The partnership sees us go from strength to strength right across LatAm’s exciting territories, with a further raft of high-profile deals and unique product launches set to be released in the coming months.”

Lorenzo Johnson, CEO of Virtualsoft and DoradoBet, was similarly thrilled to announce the deal. The partnership threatens to dominate the market throughout a huge region.

“...we have opted for Betgames.TV’s products which offer a unique and fast game mode that will surely be attractive to a wide variety of customers, both for those experienced and those new to sports betting and casino games.”


BetGamesTV clearly aren’t a company to rest on their laurels because they’re now aiming to take over the Mexican region too.

Top Mexican operator has recently added the full range of games from BetGamesTV to their offerings. The move makes perfect sense after seeing an unprecedented increase in betting during the COVID-19 lockdown. Figures show a rise of more than 300% since March.

Eddie Morales, LatAm Sales Director at BetGames.TV said:

"Our live dealer titles continue to entice players looking for a more engaging casino experience, and we’re very confident that our products will help drive retention and acquisition, and in turn, more betting volume and profitability.”

He added that the live dealer games are a natural fit for the current market dynamic and the two companies are aiming to foster a long-term relationship over the coming years.

Humberto Anaya Pacheco, Risk & Business Intelligence Manager at, also added his thoughts on the current market climate. Offering a comprehensive casino product is crucial to succeed in such a highly competitive industry in 2020.

He also added his thoughts on the different challenges of keeping new customers who have migrated from the sports betting world.

“Many players have jumped from sports betting to casino in recent months, but they often demand something more than RNG-based titles. BetGames.TV’s live dealer games provide that bit more, delivering engaging content with a human element.”

Check out to see just how much competition there is out there in the Latin American region.

Why BetGames.TV Will Bring Success

There is no doubt that BetGameTV offers a cutting edge product. The difficulties of 2020 have only proven that as online casinos have moved to take full advantage of an industry that has benefitted from the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Lithuanian company holds multiple licenses to operate in some European countries as well as in South Africa.

The Latin American region is going to be key though. A survey predicted that the online casino market could be worth as much as $8 billion per year by 2023.

With Peru and Mexico already under the microscope where will they choose to dominate next?

“BetGames.TV constantly aims for pleasing the palate of our end-users and consumers as well as increase productivity and gameplay for our clients.” 

Earlier this year they even upgraded their poker games service by adding in the incredibly fashionable game of short deck NL hold’em, called 6+ hold’em on their site.

For those who aren’t in the know, this variant has been one of the mainstays of the Triton Super High Roller Series. Played by many of the world’s elite players it is designed to increase the level of action in a game many feel is almost solved at the top level.

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