Bright Future for Online Casinos in Canada

2 weeks ago
Bright Future for Online Casinos in Canada
21 Apr

The online casino industry in Canada is growing at an unprecedented rate. Over the last year the sector has seen many new arrivals—both business and consumer. The fact that the pandemic has caused millions of people to be stuck at home with little to do, meant that the gambling industry was one of the few that posted record figures for the last 12 months.

Canada in particular is primed to enjoy another great year. Its liberal laws on the promotion of gambling mean that the majority of the population come into contact with online casino adverts displaying slogans such as click here to win money online canada.

Last year saw a 13% rise on approx. $70bn of revenue with an even greater increase predicted for 2021. New trends are starting to appear as well. The covid-19 situation might have been the impetus but other factors are also at play pushing the whole sector to previously unseen heights.

Crypto a Main Driving Force

Cryptocurrency was already on the rise but it is now close to being considered mainstream even by its most ardent opponent. Coinbase recently went public with a valuation in excess of banking stalwarts Barclays and HSBC. That’s some serious backing.

Another driving force behind the growth of online casinos in Canada is the new prevalence of live dealer games. Technology has improved considerably giving users who exclusively gamble on mobile devices as good an experience as those who use decent desktop machinery.

VR Headsets Coming

Virtual reality is also predicted to come into play during 2021. Big tech has been quietly testing VR headsets behind the scenes ready for that moment when a standard home computer can handle what they have in store.

It’s not going to be that far into the future when punters will be able to slip on the likes of an Oculus Rift and feel like they are walking through the door of the Bellagio in the searing desert heat.

This won’t just be for casino gaming too, because VR will no doubt cover the bookmakers offering. If roulette of blackjack isn’t taking your fancy for the night then you will be able to head on over to the bookies desk, place your wager and then possibly even watch the actual event all through your headset.

If you thought there isn’t enough interest to make this happen, consider just how fast the esports betting market is growing right now. Esports is a massive industry already, with huge money at stake.

And if all else fails, the usual list of huge bonuses and promotions that constantly comes our way will continue and ensure that online casinos in Canada have that bright future.

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