Cash Game Grinder Aims for Phil Laak's 115-hour Poker Endurance Record

1 year ago
Cash Game Grinder Aims for Phil Laak's 115-hour Poker Endurance Record
25 Jun

A last longer contest of a different sort will be attempted at this year's WSOP when Zach Gensler tries to break Phil Laak's record for the longest continuous poker session.

Laak endured 115 hours of virtually non-stop cash game poker in 2010 and attained the Guinness World Record for doing so. Gensler has set a target of 120 hours and has spent plenty of time training in order to accomplish the feat.

Those of you who have played marathon poker sessions are likely well aware of how difficult it is to play long stretches of poker without getting the rest and sleep that a body surely needs. Extended sleep deprivation can result in any number of problems - paranoia, delusions and psychosis among them.

Add to that the constant focus required in playing poker and we're talking very real mental strain and fatigue. Trying to stay awake may be one thing and aiming to turn a profit while playing at less than full capacity mentally is another.

Gensler will be playing $1/$2 No Limit Hold'em at the Rio cash game tables beginning on June 27, according to previous reports. His endeavor has a charitable flavor to it, including donating a portion of his winnings to a fund on behalf of the kids of recently departed poker pro Gavin Smith.

The Guinness rules allow for a 5-minute break per hour and the time can be accumulated to make for a longer break at some point. In other words, play for eight hours straight and use 40 minutes to make a restroom pit stop and take a quick nap, would be one example.

That's hardly enough break time as 120 hours is five straight days of poker. Best of luck to Zach Gensler on breaking the record. Lots of people are rooting for you!

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