Chris Moorman Saved from Quitting Poker Thanks to Doyle Brunson

6 months ago
Chris Moorman Saved from Quitting Poker Thanks to Doyle Brunson
16 Oct

Every professional poker player has been through the mill once or twice over the career. Even the very best. But it’s not often that a player gets to call on one of the greatest cardsharps of all-time to help them through their troubles.

Chris Moorman was lucky enough to have none other than Doyle Brunson to call upon when he hit his first major bump in the road.

Talking to PocketFives, the Brit gave some insight into the earlier part of his career just as he was becoming a major star in the game.

Tough times

Chris Moorman is one of the best online tournament players of all-time. He’s a guy who has done and seen it all over his career. $16.6 million in total lifetime online earnings with another $6 million from live tournaments is an amazing record.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though. 

After being signed to Doyle’s Room in 2009 life must have felt good, but Moorman had no idea how lucky he was to have made Brunson’s acquaintance.

Asked to tell about something either on the felt or off of the felt that you learned from Brunson, Moorman said:

"I actually called him asking for some advice when I was going through a tough period in the game and he gave me some really good perspective on things and helped me to recognize that life wasn’t so bad!"

An amazing story and one we can all learn from. When things aren’t going as smoothly as we might have hoped, rather than annoying everyone with bad beat stories talking to a colleague that understands can help enormously.

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