Church Pastor Attempted 3 Casino Robberies Where His Wife Worked

1 year ago
Church Pastor Attempted 3 Casino Robberies Where His Wife Worked
13 Nov

A pastor of a Las Vegas church attempted to rob the same casino on three different occasions and may have been privy to inside information because his wife apparently worked in the casino's cashier cage.

Gregory Bolusan, listed previously as Senior Pastor of Grace Bible Church in Las Vegas, brandished a gun and tried to rob the M Resort in three consecutive months beginning in August. His first attempt was thwarted when the cage employee fled before handing over the loot.

The second attempt in September resulted in Bolusan getting away with $29,589, according to Investigators determined that it was the same robber as the first attempt because the perpetrator drove the same car, wore the same clothes, and carried a similar backpack and gun.

In late October, Bolusan pushed his luck one too many times at the M Resort, initially making good his escape with another $33,480. Although he was smart enough to wear different clothes this time, Bolusan parked in the same location, drove the same 2010 Toyota Camry, and entered the same doors.

The M Resort security force were onto the scheme, apprehending Bolusan to make sure there wasn't a fourth attempted robbery. It turns out that the pastor's gun was a fake.

Inside Information?

It also turns out that Lea Mercado Bolusan, the wife of the alleged robber, is an employee of M Resort. Her LinkedIn page describes Mrs. Bolusan as a shift manager, but 13 Action News in Las Vegas reported that the pastor's wife was assigned to the cashier cage, at least up until a few days ago.

The website of Grace Bible Church had this to say about the former pastor before he was arrested for robbery, attempted robbery, and burglary:

"Pastor Greg believes that the city of Las Vegas, also known as the city of sin, needs people who will take time to build authentic relationships winning the lost into a relationship with Jesus. He has a heart to raise leaders in the next generation of young people."

Bolusan's authentic relationship building may be restricted to other jail inmates, at least for the near future. No word yet on whether his wife will also be charged.

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