Classic Poker Movie “Freeze Out” Premieres on Vimeo

3 weeks ago
Classic Poker Movie “Freeze Out” Premieres on Vimeo
14 Jun

New poker movies are always welcome. Ever since the classic Rounders was released 22 years ago - the same year online poker was born - we have always been on the lookout for anything new.

During the COVID-19 lockdown anything on TV to do with poker is a boon. Online traffic figures are booming right now but there’s only so many hours you can play before burnout sets in.

An interesting poker themed movie to end the day is perfect.

One such movie is Freeze Out. First released 14 years ago by M.J. Loheed, an American writer and director. The title is now available for free on the Vimeo platform.

True to Life

The story is a comedy focusing on one man’s attempt to get revenge for the jokes aimed at him during his weekly home game.

Loheed said in an interview:

“The characters in the film were loosely based on real experiences that I went through and traits my friends had at the time.”

The movie was released as an independent project, and collected various awards after being presented at many film festivals.

At the 2005 Westwood International Film Festival it received the Best Feature award.

The project made history after being the first movie ever to be wholly financed by poker winnings. Loheed was also roundly applauded for coming up with a script that showed poker as poker really is.

All too often real poker players see a poker scene and pick so many holes in it that the enjoyment is lost.

Fingers crossed that other potential directors and producers catch this news, and get some interest in coming up with something new for us.

Loheed made sure, as a proper poker player, that everything was exactly how it should be. He also understood that he had to keep the level toned down somewhat or else risk casual players  not fully understanding what is going on.

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