Could Themed Poker Rooms be a Thing of the Future?

2 months ago
Could Themed Poker Rooms be a Thing of the Future?
03 Sep

Poker may be one of the most popular card games on the planet, but the revenue generated from the industry is nowhere near that of online casinos. The sprawling online gaming industry is worth upwards of $166 billion, with the vast majority of earnings coming from iGaming. Poker is still rising in popularity, but it may need to do more in the modern age to attract an increasing number of players. For this reason, poker platforms may look to online casinos and bingo sites for inspiration.

Why Would Themed Poker Rooms Work?

In the early days of online poker, simply offering players the opportunity to play cards online from anywhere at any time was revolutionary. But, as the market became saturated with sites offering the same thing, operators needed to get innovative in an effort to draw players in. They did this by offering greater variety, including brand new games like fast-fold poker. However, it now seems that it is time for poker sites to evolve again.

Online bingo sites have shot to worldwide success over the last five years, and they have done this by replicating online casinos in many ways. When looking at the listings of the best online casinos, it is clear that variety and abundance of choice are key. Casimba Casino, for instance, has more than 500 games from a wide range of developers. Bingo sites copied this by providing players with much more to do than simply play bingo, with slots and themed bingo rooms emerging as predominant features of the modern bingo experience.

Online casinos have thrived by offering different themes to suit a diverse range of players’ needs, with lists of slot games representing numerous genres. Bingo sites have themed rooms such as Grease and Rainbow Riches now, and this is something that could be a hit in the poker industry as well.

The themed poker rooms on offer could have special features which affect the rules of the game at different times. For instance, if an operator went with a theme based on the popular musical Grease, there could be a speed round whenever the song Greased Lightnin’ played. Players could go wild for quirky features like this.

What Other Developments Could Bring in More Poker Players?

There are a few technological advancements that are set to go mainstream in the coming years, with augmented and virtual reality expected to spike in 2023. The potential for using these futuristic pieces of kit in the poker industry poses a number of exciting possibilities.

VR, in particular, could be the technology that finally bridges the gap between online and live poker. Since moving to an internet setting, developers have been unable to recreate the psychological side of the game which relies on observing other players’ reactions. Perhaps VR could change this.

If players are able to wear VR headsets and sit around virtual poker tables, some of the bluffing and deception which used to be synonymous with the game could be reintroduced. At the moment, this can only be done in a live setting, and this means there is a massive difference between online and live poker. VR could also make poker more sociable. Most online poker sites do have a chat feature, but it is hard to make friends through this as you can’t see the faces of the people you are talking to.

Poker could be set for a new stage in its evolution if operators seek to catch up with online casinos and bingo sites. This could be done through the introduction of themed games, and also through new and emerging technological innovations.

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