Crips Gang Member Arrested for $1million Robbery of Poker Pro Chad Power

1 month ago
Crips Gang Member Arrested for $1million Robbery of Poker Pro Chad Power
23 May

Police in Nevada have arrested a Crips gang member believed to be behind the theft of $1million in cash and chips from poker pro Chad Power, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Power’s home safe was robbed in February of this year, surveillance cameras capturing the faces of two men, one of whom was “carrying Chad’s safe on his shoulder,” according to Henderson police.

It is believed that 32-year-old Brock Brewer and an unknown accomplice followed Power home from an unnamed casino and later burglarised the pro’s home. On arriving home on February 10th, Power discovered the break-in and contacted police.

The police report states:

“Chad advised that inside the safe had been approximately $750,000 in cash in $100 bill denominations, mostly organized into $50,000 bricks. The safe had also contained approximately $250,000 in high value poker chips.”

Power, who backs several pros, told police he suspected he had been followed home from the casino, “due to him playing high-stakes poker games and carrying large amounts of poker chips.”

Although the two suspects’ faces were clearly seen on camera, Power recognised neither man. However, on checking previous home robberies of poker professionals in the Las Vegas Valley area, police determined that Brewer was a suspect in that case.

A photo comparison with Power’s robbery footage, as well as mobile phone records, placed Brewer at Power’s home around the time of the burglary.

When they traced Brewer to his home in the Rhodes Ranch neighborhood of Spring Valley, they discovered Brewer had a 2021 plate Dodge Charger Hellcat, registered to his mother.

The car, it transpired, had been purchased just five days after the robbery, “with (a) $30,000 cash down payment.”

A search warrant then revealed another car, a 2018 Maserati Levante SUV, also registered in his mother’s name. The Maserati had been bought “with $60,000 paid in full cash payment in Arizona,” according to police.

Police also seized a third car from Brewer’s property and stated:

“Due to the high dollar amounts of money stolen in this case on 2/10/21 and these vehicles being purchased with large cash payments/down payments recently after the theft, it is believed these vehicles were purchased with the stolen money from this case.”

The prime suspect, who has been charged with multiple felonies, including theft of $100,000 or greater, conspiracy and home invasion is a known gang member.
Brewer belongs to the “New Born Crips gang and his moniker is 'C-Rida',” say police, with prior convictions for robbery, conspiracy and attempted battery with substantial bodily harm.

According to the LVRJ, a preliminary hearing is scheduled for Brewer in Henderson Justice Court on June 1st.

Chad Power was at the centre of a staking controversy in 2018, when Cate Hall accused him of “extortion” and “strong-arm techniques”. Power hit back claiming Hall owed him $60,000 and was “huffing nitrous to the point where she was struggling to walk”.

Power has $610,094 in recorded tournament cashes according to the Hendon Mob, largely consisting of two 6-figure scores from the WSOP. The biggest, for $262,574, came at the 2015 Main Event where he finished 26th.

A 2017 Washington Post article on Power saw him visiting the opening of the MGM National in Baltimore and claiming to host private games that included celebrities Michael Phelps and Kevin Hart in the line-up.

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