Cyclones Blitz Satellites to Revolutionise Tournament Qualification

1 year ago
21 Nov

Americas CardRoom are breaking new ground by launching a revolutionary new way to satellite into big events. The new Blitz Satellites have been dubbed ’Cyclones’ and are the latest exciting development in online poker.

Endless Grind

If you’re the type of player that enjoys satelliting into tournaments for a smaller investment than a direct buy-in, then you’ll know what an endless grind it can be. From November 20 2019, those days are now over. 

The Cyclones Blitz Satellites are “The fastest and easiest way to win your $2,650 Venom Ticket.”

Fast and Exciting with Unlimited Potential

The new format is launching exclusively in conjunction with the upcoming $6 million Venom Tournament. As times goes on they will also be implemented into other major tournaments.

The idea is that instead of only the top players being awarded a seat, you have to reach 5,000 chips from your starting stack to move onto the next step. There are seven steps in total, with the final step offering a ticket for the $6 million Venom tournament.

Each step is a ‘fast fold’ style player pool where every hand is played on a totally different table with different players. Because of this, you are able to take breaks exactly when you want, for as long as you want. The chip stack is saved and you just rejoin when it is convenient.

Another benefit of the Cyclones format is if you get close to the 5,000 chips required, you are able to simply pay the difference to move onto the next step or receive your Venom ticket. 

Also, if you finish the last hand with more than 5,000 chips you will receive a ticket for the next step and stay at the same step with the additional chips. This is great value for the players. Unlimited potential.

7 Levels to Victory

StepBuy In + FeeTotalStarting ChipsTarget StackPrize
1 $0.23 + $0.02 0.25 697 5000 1.5 + .15 Ticket
2 $1.5 + $0.15 1.65 1137 5000 6 + .6 Ticket
3 $6 + $0.6 6.6 1119 5000 15 + 1.50 Ticket
4 $15 + $1.5 16.5 1364 5000 50 + 5 Ticket
5 $50 + $5 55 1163 5000 200 + 15 Ticket
6 $200 + $15 215 1588 5000 600 + 30 Ticket
7 $600 + $30 630 1133 5000 Venom Ticket

You are not forced to complete the entire seven step challenge. You can buy-in directly at any stage you like.

And don’t forget about the ‘For the Win’ feature. Located on the bottom left of your screen is the value of your stack. Anytime you wish to move up to the next step just click away and you will pay the difference from your account. What could be easier.

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