Dan Bilzerian Claims He’s a Better Poker Player than Doug Polk

3 months ago
Dan Bilzerian Claims He’s a Better Poker Player than Doug Polk
18 Jul

Dan Bilzerian has outrageously claimed that he is a better poker player than Doug Polk. The mega-rich playboy told Veronica Brill that the scoreboard in poker is your bankroll, and he’s miles ahead.

Dan Bilzerian Claims He Could Beat the Top 1%

It’s hard to tell if Bilzerian’s interview constitutes satire or not. He brazenly tells Veronica Brill that it was always for his benefit for everyone to think that he’s a stupid guy! He says he never wanted anybody to think that he was good.

Bilzerians reiterates how he’s made much more money than Doug Polk from poker, and that Polk might be some sort of online guru and jerk off with solvers, but so what.

Brill inquires if Bilzerian thinks he can compete against the top pros today and he says no, before adding that it’s not what he’s aiming to do. He also points out that he’s sure he’s as smart as any of those guys and could probably do it if he wanted to.

It’s hard to know just how much of this rubbish Dan Bilzerian believes is true and how much is plain old lying. Whatever the truth is, he still persists in telling the world that he won more than $50 million playing live poker against rich businessmen, and definitely is not a trust fund baby.

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