Dan Colman Outs Sean Perry as Alleged Scammer

4 months ago
Dan Colman Outs Sean Perry as Alleged Scammer
27 May

Dan Colman has tweeted a warning to the poker community that Sean Perry is “extremely likely” to be a scammer and to be avoided. The 30-year-old American claims Perry diddled him out of more than $1 million in a daily fantasy sports bet.

Elaborate Scam

The story that Dan Colman shared on Twitter shows what appears to be an elaborate scam on the level of what Mike Postle is accused of perpetrating.

Sam Soverel and Sean Perry were involved in a head-to-head daily fantasy sports match where they picked three teams each from a pool of six. Three of those were “known,” and the other three were randoms. The issue is how the three unknown teams picked their teams depending on who had picked them. Colman had been encouraged to team up with Soverel as Perry wanted more action.

As you might expect, a pair of high-stakes poker players were quick to pick up on a major detail that just seemed wrong. The obvious course of action was to call in an expert, or two, and analyse in detail the opposition’s line ups from a statistical point of view.

Aaron “AEJones” and Ryan Daut got straight down to work and quickly agreed that it was likely the three random accounts were all controlled by Sean Perry. Daut said this was cheating on the level of Mike Postle.


Colman confronted Perry with the evidence of what he thought happened, and said he was refusing to pay the final day’s wager. He also requested a refund from the previous days, which Perry refused.

In an attempt to clear up the matter in a less aggressive fashion Colman suggested arbitration; a common course of events in the gambling world. Tom Marchese was chosen, but then at the last minute Perry refused arbitration on previously settled bets: he only wanted it to clear up what Colman was refusing to pay.

In the end the negotiation came to nothing and Colman went public with his opinion which in a sense looks to be challenging Perry to sue him for libel. If Perry does indeed decline to pursue the matter further then this stain on his character will remain: not an insignificant matter for a member of the high-stakes community. Though, judging by some of the comments further down the Twitter thread, it looks as if his character has already been torn apart for his behaviour at the table in the past.

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