Daniel Negreanu Angry Over WSOP Screwing Up Scheduled Break

2 years ago
Daniel Negreanu Angry Over WSOP Screwing Up Scheduled Break
20 Jul

WSOP floor personnel got themselves under fire for announcing a 20-minute break in Day 2 of the $1 million buy-in Big One For One Drop, but then resuming play after only 15 minutes, causing Daniel Negreanu and other players such as Phil Ivey to return "late" and perhaps miss potential crucial hands.

KidPoker was none too pleased over the snafu, and rightfully so with a million dollars on the line, posting evidence on social media that the announced break time was scheduled as 20 minutes.

It wasn't long after the break discrepancy that DNegs busted out of the tournament, shoving all-in pre-flop with 107 and getting called by Steffen Sontheimer, who was holding A6 . Negreanu got no help from the community cards and hit the rail.

Naturally, KidPoker's post about the break time mishap drew tons of responses on Twitter, running the gamut from the WSOP fu**ed up badly to Daniel being in the wrong for taking time over the break to recap key hands for his vlog and not returning to the table early in such a huge event.

Of course, a few wannabe comedians also tossed in their 2 cents worth over the situation, including a dig on the WSOP's overall incompetence:

It was suggested by at least one of Daniel's followers that perhaps KidPoker was flustered over the break time confusion and shoved his remaining stack with an inferior hand.

Negreanu wasn't buying it and said so:

This looks to be an unforgivable mistake on the part of the WSOP floorman. 

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