Daniel Negreanu Bet $400k that Phil Hellmuth Can’t Beat $25K Buy-in Live Tournaments

1 year ago
Daniel Negreanu Bet $400k that Phil Hellmuth Can’t Beat $25K Buy-in Live Tournaments
15 Mar

Daniel Negreanu has bet $400k to Phil Hellmuth’s $200K that the latter cannot beat $25K buy-in live tournaments over a sample of 50. The pair recently signed a deal for a heads-up challenge match and already the temperature is starting to rise between them.

Can Hellmuth Beat the Super High Rollers?

The reason for this bet likely stems from Phil Hellmuth’s public criticism of Negreanu’s play in the High Stakes Feud. The Canadian didn’t take too kindly to that and fired back with his own criticisms leading to this challenge, on top of their already agreed heads-up battle.

Unfortunately for Negreanu the heads-up match will be a sit&go format rather than deep stacked cash which he is obviously currently well-practiced at.

As for Hellmuth winning his high stakes MTT challenge, it could be sorted out quicker than many expect. Four-time WSOP gold bracelet winner Joe Cada even reckons it’ll never get finished.

Aria Casino Director of Poker Ops Sean McCormack, says they run a few of these $25K’s every month and they have roughly 30-40 runners. Hellmuth could get this finished in around a year if he wanted to.

Negreanu Posts His Analysis of Hellmuth’s Recent Record

Clearly still feeling a little emotional, Daniel Negreanu couldn’t wait for either challenge to get underway and so he started posting Hellmuth’s record in comparable events.

In his defense, we can confidently say that Phil Hellmuth has put in very little volume in the Super High Rollers. In other words, we don’t really know what to expect here.

On one hand we can argue that he’s in trouble against the real elite players of the younger generation, on the other hand, these events run outside of the festivals and can have more than a few rich recreational in there which he will murder.

In fact, Doyle Brunson made this point last year. He says that one of the reasons for Hellmuth’s success in the WSOP over the years is that he is so good at dodging banana skins against recreational players. It can be so easy to come unstuck against a weak player early on in a tournament, and Phil Hellmuth is a master at avoiding these spots.

Of course, not everyone was impressed with the manner of Negreanu’s assassination of Hellmuth’s poker ability. Some Twitter followers took offence at what really is general internet behaviour these days.

After being told that he used to be a poster’s favourite player but he now lost all respect for him, Negreanu responded:

“You are late to the argument. He came after my play first and naturally I responded. But you do you man!”
We look forward to following Phil Hellmuth’s progress in this side bet. There will probably be a few other big names coming to play these events over the next year and that could give us more than a little entertainment.

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