Daniel Negreanu Brags About Mensa Membership

2 months ago
Daniel Negreanu Brags About Mensa Membership
24 Aug

Canadian MTT star Daniel Negreanu has been boasting about his recent entry into Mensa. The high IQ society is famously a badge of high intelligence but is it really worth as much as DNegs seem to think so?

Top 2%

Mensa membership is officially set at the top 2% of the population. This is a high bar but not genius level. Negreanu claims to have passed the entry test at his first attempt and says that very few people can do this at their first try.

It wasn’t long before somebody pointed out that Liv Boeree, EPT main event winner and holder of one World Series of Poker gold bracelet, is also a Mensa member. 

The Brit famously completed a degree in astrophysics and is known as one of the more intellectual members of the poker community. Negreanu has no similar claims himself.

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