Daniel Negreanu: Do You Hate Pocket Jacks?

3 years ago
Negreanu: Do You Hate Pocket Jacks?
02 Feb

Fans of Daniel Negreanu will be pleased to know that he has announced a new schedule regarding the posting of regular video content on YouTube.

Every Monday, the Poker Hall of Famer will be providing poker tips that players can immediately put to use in their games. Thursdays are reserved for hand breakdowns where KidPoker will offer his analysis and expertise about various hands played in exciting events around the world.

Mixed in with those regular videos on a more sporadic basis will be the increasingly popular vlogs that a number of players have been producing as of late. Negreanu will fill us in on what's going on with him during his vlogs and promises a fun YouTube channel where players and fans will both learn and be entertained.

Fish Hooks

This week's tip courtesy of poker's top all-time money winner features advice on how to play pocket Jacks. The fifth best starting hand in Texas Hold'em, Negreanu stated that he frequently gets asked how to correctly play JJ from players and fans who aspire to improve their game.

To that end, the Canadian offers guidelines to follow, keeping in mind your stack size in conjunction with how far along the tournament has progressed, as well as your position at the table. There are certain times to fold your fish hooks and times to shove all your chips into the middle of the table, and KidPoker explains when those actions are appropriate.

One of Negreanu's goals in enlightening players on how to play pocket Jacks is to lessen the hate that some feel toward the starting hand. As many are aware, it can be a very perplexing hand to play. Some players tend to "go a little nutty" and overplay JJ, particularly while seated in the blinds, as KidPoker points out.

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