Daniel Negreanu Makes $481,026 in Net Profit for WSOP Backers

7 months ago
Daniel Negreanu Makes $481,026 in Net Profit for WSOP Backers
23 Jul

Poker players and fans who were able to buy a piece of Daniel Negreanu's WSOP packages will have much deeper pockets in the next few days as KidPoker was able to turn their investment into $481,026.82 in net profit.

Before the WSOP got underway, DNegs offered his fans and followers a staking opportunity in Low, Mid and High Stakes packages. Daniel charged absolutely no mark-up, which is unheard of for a player of his elite status.

A couple snafus occurred when the packages went on sale, first when the demand was too great and the system crashed, and the next day when Daniel was selling about $275,000 in action and somehow took in roughly $1.8 million. DNegs was devastated that he had to refund money to many of his wannabe stakers.

However, those who were among the first to get through had a piece of Negreanu's WSOP action at anywhere from $5 to $5,000. Your humble author was one of the lucky ones, owning $100 of Daniel in the Mid Stakes package and $50 in the High Stakes.

I'll reveal the secret to getting through early for PokerTube readers in case DNegs does this again. Instead of trying to log on at danielnegreanu.com, I went to danielnegreanu.com/products and it took me right to the packages.

Only the Low Stakes package buyers didn't turn a profit, but they got more than 80% of their investment back. Check out the numbers below, as posted by KidPoker on Twitter. On behalf of myself and all other stakers, thanks Daniel!

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