Daniel Negreanu's Daily WSOP Vlog Excites and Gives Hope to Fans

3 months ago
Daniel Negreanu's Daily WSOP Vlog Excites and Gives Hope to Fans
07 Jun

The 2023 WSOP is in full swing with the first week of action in the books and that includes the first handful of Daniel Negreanu's daily YouTube vlogs that give his many fans an opportunity to get up close and personal with the Poker Hall of Famer as he grinds toward final tables and gold bracelets.

The vlogs are so much more than poker, however, as DNegs allows viewers more than a peak into his life. Regular vlog watchers are quite familiar with everything near and dear to Daniel's heart: his lovely wife Amanda, his beloved dogs Rocky and Apollo, NHL hockey, and his vegan lifestyle.

A perusal of the comments that follow each vlog show that the majority of those who tune in to watch a daily dose of DNegs are excited and inspired by the WSOP content that Negreanu dishes out year after year.

  • Steve P - "Man, I look forward to this time of year so I can live vicariously through the grind. Super fun series to watch each year, and the dedication is unmatched. Keep up the vlogs, Daniel, and good luck this year!!"
  • Sami Ubrun - "I look forward to your vlogs every year! So stoked it’s that time of year again. Sending the run good! LFG!!"
  • justice - "As someone who’s just getting into poker these vlogs give me hope for what could be one day"

  • Connor Teays - "Appreciate the variety of content on these vlogs, not just the hand breakdowns, but the daily life of you! Always bringing the positive energy wherever you go Daniel."
  • Sean Waltrip - "Love this time of year! Enjoy your daily vlogs and living vicariously through you playing high stakes!"

Negreanu's optimism and zest for life is evident to viewers. His fun side is totally on display during interactions with other poker pros such as Phil Ivey, Alan Kessler, and Phil Hellmuth.

No other poker pros reveal the sort of insight into the biggest games of the WSOP with the kind of regularity provided by Kid Poker. The vlogs are a fascinating look into Negreanu's daily life during the world's most prestigious festival of poker.

The 2023 WSOP vlogs have thus far averaged roughly 150,000 views each. DNegs remains poker's greatest ambassador with no sign of handing over the title anytime soon.

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