Daniel Negreanu Surges to the Top of the All Time Money List

5 years ago
Daniel Negreanu Surges to the Top of the All Time Money List
02 Jul

With his second place finish in the Big One for One Drop, Daniel Negreanu has dethroned Antonio Esfandiari from the top of the All Time Money List, and is the new sovereign with $3.5 lead over Antonio and $8.4 million lead over the third place Phil Ivey. Before tonight, Negreanu was not even a $100,000 ahead of Ivey, but has now created a difference that might prove quite challenging to overcome.

Now second-place Antonio has surged to the top of the list after winning this very same event in 2012 to the tune of $18 million. The Magician was going strong this year as well, and there were strong indications of repeat performance, but he lost the wind in his back and busted as Day 2 was drawing to an end.

Although Negreanu earned ‘only’ $8.3 million for his performance in the One Drop tournament, it was still more than enough to propel him into a significant lead over the rest of the competition. This does not come as too big of a surprise, since KidPoker has been around the block for quite a while and he’s been crushing the tournament scene for nearly as long.

There were many out there cheering for Negreanu to win the whole thing, as they felt it well deserved, not only because of his undisputable skill, but also because everything he has done for the and popularization growth of poker. There are truly few ambassadors for the game like KidPoker.

Always cordial at the tables, rarely showing his frustration and nearly never venting out on the amateurs in the game, Negreanu is one of those players practically every average Joe headed for Vegas to compete in some of the World Series events would love to have at their table.

So although Negreanu did not win the One Drop and this is the second time this summer the gold bracelet slipped from under his fingers, coming to the top of the All Time Money List is quite a big achievement in its own right, and he has a lot to be proud of.

Otherwise, it’s bunch of rich people with too much money gambling for stakes that are obscene. The charity in there makes everybody warm and fuzzy. Daniel Negreanu;

Despite the big achievement, Negreanu did not seem particularly fazed in the interview after the event and he emphasized the fact that the most important thing was that there was more than $4.6 million raised for the charity which got a decent amount of exposure through this tournament as well.

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