Daniel Negreanu Tells of Shocking $550k Prop Bet on the Golf Course

11 months ago
Daniel Negreanu Tells of Shocking $550k Prop Bet on the Golf Course
14 Aug

Appearing on the No Laying Up podcast, Daniel Negreanu has told some epic tales of his exploits on the golf course. The Canadian high-stakes tournament star went through some of his best prop bets that he made over the years.

Not even picking up the game until his early thirties, Negreanu was making insane prop bets as soon as he could swing a club. Then one drunken night in Las Vegas he blurted out that within a year he could shoot 80 at TPC Summerlin from the back tees. This is a 7,000 yard course and Negreanu can’t even play to a handicap yet.

So, just to make it interesting, a wager of $550,000 was agreed on, and Negreanu hit the practice range with much gusto. Eventually the score started to come down, and with perfect timing the bet was successfully completed

This kind of story wasn’t even rare though. There was also talk of losing big money to Phil Ivey, including $1.2 million in a single day. The golf debts racked up to a total loss of $3 million eventually, but with the help of skilled caddie and coach Christian Sanchez he has won it all back plus more.

You can listen to the entire podcast here.

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