Danielle Moon Claims She Was ‘Freerolled’ in PNiA Ladies Night Prop Bet

3 months ago
Danielle Moon Claims She Was ‘Freerolled’ in PNiA Ladies Night Prop Bet
17 Mar

Danielle ‘dmoongirl’ Moon has taken to Twitter to ‘out’ fellow poker player Kirsten ‘pandasatcksyou’ Olieberg, claiming she has welched on a $2000 prop bet made during a Poker Night in America Ladies Night cash game episode…

In a lengthy series of tweets, the former online star of poker documentary Bet, Raise, Fold explained the background to the $2k prop bet – Moon and Olieberg wagering on a 1 mile footrace between fellow poker pros and PNiA participants Jamie Kerstetter and Lily Kiletto.

After a series of delays due to injury, the race finally went ahead, Kerstetter winning after Kiletto ran out of gas halfway through, and all seemed well in what was a good-natured bet

When Moon tried to collect her share of the side bets with Oliberg, however, things didn’t run so smoothly…with Moon sharing every detailed piece of her conversation with Olieberg…

A decent defence you might think until ‘dmoongirl’ shared the tweets from the actual day of the race…

…and the court of Twitter public opinion naturally fell on Moon’s side.

Moon says she only went public after her repeated offers of arbitration were rejected, and Olieberg – who describes herself as a ‘professional poker player’ on her Twitter bio – stated: “I don’t negotiate with terrorists”, going on to claim she was being harassed by Moon’s followers…

...but not everyone was convinced by this claim, PokerFraudAlert’s Todd Witteles sniffing out a story too…

Unlike Lily Kiletto, this story may be set to run for quite some time

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