Darius 'KomodoDragonJesus' Wajda Interview

5 years ago
Darius 'KomodoDragonJesus' Interview
22 Sep

Today we have popular Twitch streamer Darius ‘KomodoDragonJesus’ Wajda with us for an interview. Darius has seen success (75k lifetime winnings online) playing NL Hold'em cash games on PokerStars. He mainly plays $0.5/1 and $1/2 and you might see him playing up to $3/6. Let's get into the interview!

Why don’t you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

My name is Darius Wajda. I’m 26 and living in Winnipeg, Canada. I work as a structural analyst and stream poker in my spare time.

And how did you get into playing poker?

My friends and I always loved playing card games. About 10 years ago we discovered poker and played it a ton. I liked it so much I never stopped.

What types of games do you play and where do you feel you excel in poker?

Most of my play and my best results have always been at NLHE 6-max tables. Right now I play the 100NL games on stars.

When did you start to see success and was that reflective of training and studying?

My first real success with poker was playing sit-n-gos on Pokerstars. I started out basically knowing nothing and I was able to move up very quickly from the $5 level to the $100. I credit that success entirely to reading absurd amounts of forum posts, poker articles and figuring out how to apply what I read in game. I did the same thing when I moved to cash games later on.

What’s one method in your training and study that you would recommend to others?

The best resource for me has always been forums. They’re free, you can post just about anything and get advice from tons of other players from the magical world of the internet. All you need to do is post a question or your opinion. Someone disagrees with you? Great! It’s a learning opportunity for one of you. Everyone agrees with you? Great! You’re probably on the right track.

How did you get into streaming on Twitch?

I always loved watching Twitch streams and wanted to start streaming for a long time. The problem is I suck at most video games. When I found the poker category I thought “Hey! I’m actually good at that game” and decided to give it a try.

How has streaming benefited you in poker and outside of poker?

The biggest thing I’ve gained from streaming is being introduced to thousands of other poker players. Many of them are far better poker players than I am so I’ve been able to learn a ton, even though most feedback comes in the form of getting called a nit in twitch chat.

What are your plans for the future regarding streaming and poker?

The plan is to keep on grinding, keep on streaming and see where it takes me.

Any tips for folks who want to get into grinding poker and streaming?

You’ll start out small, keep at it, work hard and it can lead to great things. Most importantly, do it because you love it.

And there you have it! Some insider info into the life of Darius 'KomodoDragonJesus' Wajda - a guy to watch out for if you have any interest in cash games or Twitch streams! Show him some love PokerTube fans:

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