Dong Kim Issues Heads Up Challenge to Nick Frame

6 years ago
Dong Kim Issues Heads Up Challenge to Nick Frame
05 Feb

Everybody loves a good challenge, there’s nothing to debate about that. This is particularly true for the poker world where people are often much closer to the main protagonists and are usually able to keep track of a challenge as it progresses.

Thus it is no wonder that when a thread popped up on 2+2 issuing one such challenge it created quite turmoil within the community. High stakes HU regular on PokerStars, ‘Donger Kim’ (Dong Kim) challenged ‘TCfromUB’ (Nick Frame) to a 15k hands match with a side-bet of $50k. The idea for the challenge came from the recent discussions on who is the best online heads-up player, and Kim believes this would be a fun thing to do.

Kim did say that he has a deep respect for Nick’s game, but as he is ranked in front of him (on the unofficial HU leaderboard), he would like to get a chance to play him in a challenge of this type and perhaps clear the air a little bit on this matter. The 2+2 community loved the idea.

Is this for real?

The conditions of the challenge should be easy to meet for two online grinders who spend most of their days grinding for hours as it is. However, many in the community, including the high stakes regular Doug ‘WCGRider’ Polk started speculating that this challenge will not happen as Kim envisioned it because Frame will not play him at the NLHE $100 / $200 tables.

Speculations continued for a little while until the man himself, Nick Frame aka ‘TcfromUB’ aka ‘TooCuriousso1’ stopped by the thread and gave his answer. To the disappointment of many, Frame explained that he was too poor to accept the challenge as stipulated at the moment, and also hinted at the possibility that Dong would only be playing a small percentage of himself in this scenario.

While Im not insinuating anything unethical would happen, I believe Doug has a large financial interest in the challenge as stated and Im not comfortable with that right now. Donger, I apologize if I'm way off on this, but when Doug brought this up a few weeks ago he indicated at a 20k bi you would only be playing a small % of yourself. TooCuriousso1;

However, Nick did propose an alternative, to play 10k hands at 25 / 50 tables and with a 30k side bet. This is a kind of setup that he could manage financially at the moment and in which he could also have 100% of himself.

No final word yet

At the moment of writing this, the final decision has not been reached. Whether Kim will accept the challenge under these changed circumstances or not remains to be seen. If it goes down, it will certainly be an interesting one to follow. Chicagojoey will probably get in the mix to help with the coverage as always.

In the meantime, another gauntlet has been thrown, as ‘asianflushie’ stated that he would be up for doing the challenge with the revised conditions against anyone in the ‘top 20’ list. Polk jumped at the opportunity.

booked, when do you want to start

As it stands now, there are some interesting possibilities of reg-wars kicking off in the near future – and we want to see as many of them as possible!

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