Doug Polk Goes on a Massive Twitter Rampage in Build Up to Heads-Up Challenge

9 months ago
14 Oct

Doug Polk has gone on a bit of a Twitter rampage lately. It’s not that long before we expect to see Polk square up against Daniel Negreanu in their hotly anticipated heads-up match and the temperature is rising rapidly.

A number of people have felt the wrath of Polk’s sharp tongue over the last couple of days ― Matt Berkey in particular. Polk is well-known to have little respect for the standard of play of many successful players and Berkey seems to be one of them.

Hedge fund manager and high stakes reg Dan Shak took offence and was quick to fire back at Polk for his bullying attitude.

“What is wrong with you is there a beef you have with @berkey11 or are you just trying to imitate a school ground bully.” 

Polk has always had a mouth on him but this latest performance is out of character even for him.

Arguing Over Rules

The last couple of days has seen bickering with Negreanu over preventing real-time assistance. This degenerated into whether or not pre flop charts fall under this designation.

It is a little ridiculous to be wasting time and energy over this given the huge sums of money that both players have made over the years.

After the shit show degenerated even more into playground humour one poster asked Polk why he wasn’t taking on the likes of Dominik Nitsche or Dan 'Jungleman' Cates.

“There are levels to this game. You can't play the bad players once you play the good players. I am currently just picking the low hanging fruit. Im happy to play both of those guys down the line but they are both good at poker.”

Nitsche saw the funny side of one of the worst threads in poker Twitter history and replied in kind.

One thing is for sure here: if Polk loses this challenge he won’t want to show his face around the poker community in any way for a long time to come. He will surely stay retired if that happens.

We at Pokertube can’t wait to see this match kick off.

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