Doug 'WCGRider' Polk Bank Accounts Frozen

5 years ago
Doug 'WCGRider' Polk Bank Accounts Frozen
13 Sep

Highstakes player Doug Polk, also known under his online alias 'WCGRider' found himself in an unfortunate situation last week. Bank of America mistakenly froze his accounts in connection to financial provisions set in place to prevent money laundering and terrorism.

As clear from his Twitter posts, Polk was very unhappy with how the entire situation went down. Although it is hard to say for sure, it is safe to assume, given the stakes 'WCGRider' plays and the company he keeps, that there were big sums of money going through his accounts on regular basis.

This is what most likely triggered the red flags and initiated the procedure that led to accounts' closure. The mistake will probably be rectified soon, but in the meantime, this must be a major inconvenience for Polk.

This is not the first time that Bank of America has created problems for poker players and they enjoy rather bad reputation within the community for their propensity to account closure and in general making life harder than it should be when it comes to financial transactions. It is safe to assume that once the matter is resolved, they will be losing another customer.

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