Ethan “Rampage" Yau Accuses Instagram Influencer of Scamming Him out of $450,000

2 months ago
Ethan “Rampage
21 Jul

Ethan "Rampage" Yau, has publicly accused Instagram influencer Dustin Aab of scamming him out of over $450,000 in a personal loan. Aab acts as a business consultant and claims to have made many people millionaires over the years but he is primarily known as an Instagram influencer under the name "Dustin Da Closer".

No Payment for Five Months

Yau took to Twitter to share his story, stating that Aab owes him "well over $450K" from a personal loan he gave out after he won a $25K high roller event at the Wynn back in January. He half-joked that he had too much cash in his bank account and needed something to do with it, deciding upon a “risky investment.

The deal for the loan was monthly interest payments of $29K for seven months. Aab paid the first month and then went dark, leaving Yau feeling that he’d been scammed. He was so miffed that he even threw in a challenge for a livestream bare knuckle boxing match.

“If you’re reading this from your broke ass phone Dustin, I challenge you to a freeroll to get out of this debt. We bare knuckle box on live stream for 5 rounds regardless if opponent is KO’d. You win, debt is off. I win, everything stays the same”
That’s some freeroll for Aab to take advantage of!

And given that Aab is now feeling that his wife is being harassed due to Yau’s pull on social media, this might actually become a reality.

In the lengthy Twitter thread, there was plenty of discussion about how this could happen. Yau is clearly an intelligent guy, so how did he end up lending almost half a million dollars to somebody he barely knew?

Johnnie Vibes was straight to the point in the above tweet. As was Jason Mo in the one below!

And there was also some discussion about Dustin Aab allegedly trying to scam other high-profile members of the community.

Nik Airball tweeted that he tried to get him for over a million dollars in a real estate deal.

Another Hustler Casino Live Million Dollar buy-in player, Wesley, was also approached online but Aab didn’t get anywhere.

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