FanTeam £1 Million Euro 2020 Competition Starts Next Week

3 months ago
FanTeam £1 Million Euro 2020 Competition Starts Next Week
06 Jun

Europe’s biggest daily fantasy sports provider FanTeam is ready to launch their Euro 2020 competition next weekend. With a cool million quid on the table it’s no surprise to see fans signing up to chance their luck over the biggest football tournament in quite a while.

Get Your Teams Entered Now!

For what is the biggest major international football event in three years, FanTeam has pulled out all of the stops to lay on a massive DFS competition with an eye-watering £1 million up for grabs.

When the whistle blows on June 11 8pm GMT thousands of fans will be furiously calculating how their fantasy teams are doing.

This promo video explains everything that you need to know to jump straight in and start picking your first team.

It only costs £20 to enter a team and you can pick as many as 100 if you really want to. Are you feeling lucky?

The rules are that each player must choose a team with a budget of £105 million. A maximum of three players can be chosen from each individual football club, with a single free transfer during any Euro 2020 round, and one wildcard for the whole competition.

FanTeam has promised that the winner will scoop at least £200,000 from the £1 million guarantee, but the way things are going we could be looking at a prize pool much much bigger.

  • £105 million budget for your team
  • A maximum of only three players from any one club
  • One free transfer per round
  • A single wildcard during the tournament
  • Minimum £200,000 first place prize
  • Up to 100 teams per FanTeam user

Head on over to FanTeam and find the Euro 2020 tournament in the lobby. Pick your team and submit it! If you think you’ve made some ropey decisions then don’t worry because you can switch it around as much as you like until the whistle blows for the first game.

This will be the biggest DFS event for the whole year, so if you’re on the fence about taking the plunge don’t hang around and think for too long because the World Cup is still some time away.

Big Money

DFS is big business right now. Growing from a workplace tea room bit of fun into a multi-billion pound business.

It is ideal for poker players looking to diversify their games, with very similar traits needed for success. Anyone who enjoys analysing data will get on great with DFS. It’s also unlike poker in the sense where generally a long time is needed to reach a high level. If you know your sport inside out, and can analyse deeply, then you stand to do okay from the beginning.

What better place to start than with the biggest sporting event going on right now. Check out FanTeam here and get picking your first team.

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