FanTeam Launches Spring Championship of Online Fantasy Football this Weekend

5 months ago
FanTeam Launches Spring Championship of Online Fantasy Football this Weekend
15 May

180 Vita has partnered with FanTeam (Europe's largest fantasy sports provider) as they launch the Spring Championship of Online Fantasy Football (SCOFF). The companies hope to draw upon fresh interest to the niche as gamers look for new and interesting challenges in a post-pandemic world.

€500,000 GTD Spring Championship of Online Fantasy Football

This Saturday marks the start of the Spring Championship of Online Fantasy Football where players have a chance to win a share of a jaw-dropping €500,000. The competition starts on Tuesday, May 18 at 18:00 BST and runs for the following two game weeks. Both weeks are actually independent contests where players can pick two totally different teams.

The SCOFF proper is actually a €1,100 buy-in final but there is a two step qualifier system to allow new players to get in on the cheap. You can qualify via non-football events, if you prefer, even choosing an esports team.

Step 1 has a tiny €2.70 buy-in with the reward entry into Step 2.

Step 2 entry is worth €55 for direct entry with the prize entry into the SCOFF final stage.

There are also some €11 direct entry satellites available.

On the Cheap

If you are thinking that you couldn’t possibly win a huge prize building up from a qualifying event for a couple of euros, then you couldn’t be more wrong. During the World Championship of Online Fantasy Football (SCOFF) player “fscottl” started off in a €2 event and walked off with the huge first prize of €30,000. It can be done!

Fantasy sports is growing in popularity at a quick rate. Many former poker stars, such as Aaron “AEJones” Jones, have switched disciplines completely and are making huge sums.

Professionals put a lot into their research and are winning as much as €200,000 every year, with prize pools constantly increasing. Check out the image below where player “top” signed up for FanTeam to collect a free ticket and made an eye-watering €128,000 in their first year.

What Is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports used to be a workplace pastime where everyone would put a tenner in the pot and pick their team—usually a football World Cup or European Championship. Now though, it is serious business.

FanTeam covers a long list of different sports giving a wide range of fans the opportunity to show just how much they know about their favourite. It’s incredibly fun and, of course, made all the more so when you collect a huge wad of cash for your efforts.

Simply pick your team based on the scoring system for that particular sport, and away you go.

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