Fedor Holz Launches Poker Stream House

5 months ago
Fedor Holz Launches Poker Stream House
05 May

Pokercode has just finished a month of filming in a stream house with four grinders. Last year the company, which is a brainchild of Fedor Holz, ran a project called Grindhouse which turned out to be incredibly popular. Four players who would vlog their almost every move for a month.

After deciding to repeat the idea, Pokercode this time chose poker Twitch streamers instead of regular players.

Quirin ‘Q_Poker’ Heinz, Jan ‘HansiWurst’ Wagner, and Raffael ‘Pferdinho’ Crose are joined by Heinz’ good friend and fellow poker streamer Tobias ‘Tobsen_Te9’ Eichenseher for the entire month of April in Vienna, Austria. The added challenge for this group of players is that they can’t just focus on playing the game of poker but also have to be entertaining for their Twitch audience.”

High Performance

As you might expect, the players didn’t have an easy month of it. As well as grinding and keeping their Twitch audiences entertained they were put through their paces by a mental game coach and a physical trainer.

They were also required to document with full transparency all of their results and stats for the month.

It’s no surprise that Fedor Holz is enjoying pushing this kind of project as he famously rose to the top of the tournament game by working diligently with his German counterparts. As a group they selflessly shared information and improved together.

Now, it is no secret that the best way to improve quickly at poker is to study as closely as possible with like-minded people and a grindhouse perfectly matches that description.

Check out the Pokercode YouTube channel for the full series of vlogs from each of the players.

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