Gambling Addict Steals £9,000 While working at Ladbrokes

1 year ago
Gambling Addict Steals £9,000 While working at Ladbrokes
23 Feb

A gambling addict has escaped a prison sentence for stealing £9,000 from LadbrokesMustafa Khader, 31-years-old, from the UK, booked himself credit that he was not entitled to and then phoned in sick the following morning, never to return.

Alcoholic in a Brewery

Khader admitted he has been a gambling addict for the last 12 years, and has previously self-barred himself from betting shops only to later land a job working in one.

This turned out to be a recipe for disaster as he just couldn’t keep his hands off the fixed-odds betting terminals - AKA the crack cocaine of gambling.

It was revealed in court that he had previously served a three-year sentence in Argentina for dealing class A narcotics in order to pay back hefty gambling debts.

The judge quipped:

"Akin an alcoholic working in a brewery."

But he also added that gambling companies had a duty of care to carry out a background check for instances such as this.

Fixed Odds

These machines have been castigated by campaigners who successfully had the maximum bet reduced to £2 from £100

Craig Evans, defending, said:

"Fixed odd betting machines have been his downfall and are known as the crack cocaine of gambling, such are their addictive powers." 

In the end, Khader got off lightly, considering. Judge Philip Statman sentenced him to an eight-month custodial term but suspended for two years.

Khader was also order to complete 200 hours unpaid community service and 30 hours gambling rehabilitation activity.

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