Global Poker Lightning Quick Cashouts Pack a Powerful Punch

3 years ago
Global Poker Lightning Quick Cashouts Pack a Powerful Punch
23 Aug

While much of the talk around town is centered on the upcoming boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, US poker players are also talking about the fast cashouts received at Global Poker.

The fastest growing poker room available to US players, Global Poker humbly promotes a turnaround time of 48 hours for cashout requests from verified players. But posters at popular online poker forums have been reporting that withdrawals are landing in their PayPal accounts at a more rapid pace than advertised.

"I’m very impressed," stated ‘kowboys4' on the 2+2 forum. “I requested a withdrawal last night and within two hours it was approved. Within 24 hours it is now in my account."

Another player reported having his money within nine hours of his request, a speed typically unheard of among the unregulated US-facing online poker rooms where safety of funds also remains a concern. Safety is not an issue at Global Poker thanks to the sweepstakes element tied into their offerings that makes the site 100% legal and PayPal approved!

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Hefty Guarantees and Overlays

Not only are the payouts quick, but Global Poker players are also taking advantage of huge guarantees and massive overlays, a powerful 1-2 punch that is making more and more US poker players take notice. They are logging on to Global Poker to check out the action, with many sticking around and becoming loyal players due to the perks and advantages available.

If you're tuning in to the Mayweather-McGregor fight on Saturday, August 26 to watch the speed and power on display by the boxers, just remember that the cashout speed of Global Poker awaits you as well, both before and after the fight.

Muhammad Ali used to say that he was so quick that after flicking the light switch in his hotel room, he "was in bed before the room was dark.” That boast, while it makes for good copy, is certainly not accurate as the former heavyweight champ was never faster than the speed of light.

Global Poker makes no such boasts, but instead merely reports on what its players have been saying with regard to the swiftness of cashouts. Check out the most exciting online poker room available to US players, as it’s the more the merrier at Global Poker.

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