Global Poker Rolls Out Gold Rush Leaderboards For Entire Month of August

3 years ago
Global Poker Rolls Out Gold Rush Leaderboards For Entire Month of August
04 Aug

Due to popular demand from players, Global Poker has announced that their Gold Coin games will be fashioned with daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboard races called the Gold Rush Leaderboards in play for the whole month of August.

Gold Coin prizes and bragging rights are up for grabs in the Gold Rush Leaderboards that will see 50,000 Gold Coins given away each day, 250,000 every week, and a whopping 1,000,000 Gold Coins in the Monthly Leaderboard race.

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Leaderboard Points Awarded Fairly Among All Stake Levels

Lower stakes players will be pleased to know that high rollers won't receive preferential treatment in the Gold Rush Leaderboards. All stake levels are on equal footing considering that points earned in the leaderboard races are determined based on the amount won being divided by the big blind.

The daily Gold Rush Leaderboard will pay out Gold Coins to the top 10 players ranging from 2,000 for 10th place to 10,000 Gold Coins for 1st place; the weekly leaderboard will reward 50 winners with 50,000 Gold Coins going to the top slot on down to 1,500 for 50th place; and the monthly Gold Rush Leaderboard will make winners out of 100 players, with a massive 200,000 in Gold Coins for the August winner.

Gold Rush Leaderboard Races Underway

Leaderboard points are already there for the taking and are earned by taking on some Gold Coin Challenges. By taking a seat at Global Poker and looking at just 50 Gold Coin flops per day, you'll be part of the leaderboard races and will have access to more than SC$20,000 in guaranteed tournaments.

Global Poker recently revamped its tournament schedule, providing even more value than was previously offered upon launching just a few short months ago. Since the U.S.-friendly site's launch, positive feedback received from players with regard to Gold Coin challenges has led to the implementation of the Gold Rush Leaderboards for the entire month of August.

$weeps Cash and PayPal

The $weeps Cash virtual currency used at Global Poker allows players to compete at both short-handed and full ring games at stakes ranging from$0.02-$0.04 to $10-$20 in Texas Hold’em and Omaha. $weeps Cash is given to players via bonus sweepstakes prizes after purchasing Gold Coins. The Gold Coins can be purchased through PayPal.

$weeps Cash is used to enter and play $weeps Cash ring games and tournaments. All $weeps Cash won and accumulated can then be withdrawn via PayPal as real cash prizes.

Players who have yet to try Global Poker may find this the perfect time to do so considering that the Gold Rush Leaderboards have just begun. There is plenty of time to try the most talked about poker site for U.S. players that is 100% legal and pays out in real cash.

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