High Roller Taking Casinos to Court over Comps

5 years ago
High Roller Taking Casinos to Court over Comps
12 Mar

The Federal Court in Camden will hear a lawsuit filed by Darryl Abramowitz, alleging he was tricked by three Atlantic City casinos - Revel, Tropicana and Borgata. A gambler from New York claims that casinos promised him comps or amenities, worth more than $30,000 in exchange for playing at their casino tables.

Darryl, self described high roller, explained that casinos tricked him in a way that he did not receive promised comps or he was charged for items that should have been free. Abramowitz has visited Borgata and reached the deal with them for free room, food and beverages plus $5,000 for shopping and more; but after he won $100,000, Borgata allegedly decided not the hold up their end of the deal.

According to the lawsuit, when Darryl called his contact and asked where he could pick up $5,000, thecontact said that Borgata doesn't give any cash because it’s a casino, not shopping mall. He spent $900 in Hugo Boss store which was also part of the deal and used $500 comp for the Old Homestead Steakhouse. After he received the bill, food, drinks and shopping showed up on his credit card and expenses were not covered like the casino promised.

He also had some unpleasant experiences at Tropicana after he finally agreed to visit them in June 2012. At first, Tropicana offered him $5,000 and then $15,000 in match play coupons and they offered him RFB with butler service and a free entry into a blackjack tournament. When Darryl showed up at the casino he found only $10,000 in coupons available so he decided to leave.

According to Abramowitz's version of the events, former Revel Casino also didn't keep a promise because he was billed for food, beverage and for cabana that was supposed to be free. Due to the closure of the Revel in September, it was dismissed as a defendant in December.

Comps are the free goods and services provided by the casinos to attract players to gamble at their tables. Most casinos require that a certain amount of money must be gambled in order to get free items so the more money you gamble away, more free items you can expect.

The comps or amenities are also the way of attracting high roller players to casinos; for example, casinos offer organized transportation (limos, jets), luxury suites and free meals at luxury restaurants. Casinos also offer comps to lower stake players that include free meals, free or discounted rooms and sometimes free show tickets. Most venues have hosts who are responsible for giving out free items and contacting players to invite them back to a casino.

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