How To Legally Cheat The Bookies

4 months ago
How To Legally Cheat The Bookies
06 Sep

A professional sports bettor named Joe has given an interview to the BBC detailing how he takes the bookies for a ride all year round. The young Englishman legally cheats the gambling firms for around £1 million every year using a team-based strategy called courtsiding in the tennis markets.

Joe makes it very clear that this is not breaking the law in any way. Although counter to this, bookies clearly stipulate in their terms and conditions that this is not allowed. Tennis associations also proactively take action against anybody at courtside suspected of being involved in placing bets during the action.

What Is Courtsiding?

Courtsiding is using live information transmitted by a person watching a tennis match to place fast bets before the market prices have reacted to the latest point. Umpires must electronically confirm every update which is then quickly, but not instantly, implemented into their markets. With a gambler situated at the match and another behind a computer screen, the team aims to place their bets faster than the umpires can complete their own electronic process.

It seems an obvious way to make money and tennis organisers are always on the lookout for suspicious characters in the crowd who might be constantly busy on their phones and using headphones. If you are caught in the act, then you will simply be removed from the grounds.

Joe tells how this game of cat and mouse led to him deciding to grow his hair long to cover up bluetooth earpieces which allows him to transmit without fear of getting booted out. He also spends countless days seeking out slow umpires in order to minimise cock ups.

Poker players are always on the lookout for an edge but this seems too good to be true. Anyone who fancies a go at courtsiding should be aware that bookies are generally not stupid and will ban your accounts without hesitation if they suspect you are involved in this crafty scheme. Joe told how he buys accounts in different names from people to avoid overusing them. Be prepared and don’t risk having your funds seized.

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